The varieties in our orchard which will soon be used in our ciders and juices are, Lord Derby, Gala, Sturmer Pippin, Tydermans Late Orange, Harry Masters Jersey, Yarlington Mill, Dabinett and Katy apples. Already grafted and in the ground we have Alexander and Queens Apples which should be producing in 3-4 years.


To an Englishman the apple is the fruit of fruits, and he is prepared to argue without yielding that no other can compare with it, but there are apples and apples, and the knowledge of varieties is becoming rarer which is allowing a flood of foreign apples to flood our markets.

There are far too many varieties of apple tree to list and to grow so we have selected some of the best for you to choose from and we are sure we will have the perfect tree with great tasting apples for you to enjoy.

Before browsing our trees please be aware of the various root stocks which they have been grown on as it will eventually govern the size and virility of the tree.

Please click here for a guide of apple tree rootstocks

Adam’s Apples supply and grow a great selection of fruit apple trees which will be available direct from the farm. We are conveniently located between Cambridge and Newmarket allowing us to serve customers throughout all of Cambridgeshire and Suffolk, being passionate about what we do we aim to provide you with a comprehensive selection of apple and fruit trees which will be available for you to purchase all year round.

Adam’s Apples grows and supplies many types of apple trees with a selection of desert, culinary and cider.