About Us

Apple Trees, cider and apple juice.

We started this adventure by first identifying some of the very old apple tree varieties in our own orchards and then grafting them straight onto modern rootstocks, this began a wonderful journey into the propagation and cultivation of apple trees which is constantly expanding in range and obviously without wanting to waste all the apples the next logical step was to use them in crafting our own ciders and juices.

East Anglia is the perfect region to grow and cultivate apple trees with having a great balance of summer sunshine and good rainfall.


We have been farming in and around Bottisham for more than 3 centuries and during that time we have seen many changes. Growing combinable crops is still the mainstay of the farming business however with the growing and supplying of our many varieties of appleĀ and fruit trees it is this that is becoming the most exiting part of the enterprise.